PBARC maintains several repeaters.   These repeaters are maintained and upgraded with PBARC Club dues.  Please consider paying PBARC dues if you use the repeaters:

2 Meter Repeater(s)

  • 146.700- Tone: 82.5 Call: K5DAK - Located in downtown Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  • 147.240+ Tone: None Call: K5DAK - Temporarily off the air.
  • 147.195+ Tone: None Call: N5KWH - Located near Redfield, Arkansas (many use this repeater for the daily commute to LR and back since it has good coverage)

70cm Repeater(s)

  • 442.175+ - DMR Repeater - Call: K5DAK - Located in downtown Pine Bluff, Arkansas
    • Update: August 25 2020: Repeater back on the air. Issue with wiring harness has been resolved.

Other local repeaters:

2M Repeater(s)
  • 147.165+ Tone: 82.5 Call: N5RN
    • Update: August 26, 2020: Reception is much improved. Determined that I plugged the antenna for the repeater into the wrong side of a diplexer I was using. Once I moved it to the 2M side of the diplexer the receive went way up. It is the simple things that get you.
    • Update: August 25, 2020: Repeater has been running well for the past couple of days. The announcement audio seems a little hot. So I'm going to back it off a little bit and listen to it for a few more days before deciding where to install it.
    • Update: July 30, 2020: Repeater seemed to be working fine for a few days and then it quit transmitting any audio. Repeater is being keyed but no audio is transmitted. Will be investigating. Move to Hardin has been delayed. 

70cm Repeater(s)
  • 443.700+ Tone: 82.5 Call: AF5AR - Located in White Hall, Arkansas (very local repeater but join us since we are on usually talking about FT8 and recent contacts)

  • 144.390 - PBF Node - Located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas - Near 28th street overpass
  • 144.390 - WHTHAL Node - Located in White Hall, Arkansas